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How do you build organizational structure, increase employee engagement, optimize performance, and improve communication?

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“Because of the great success with our senior executive team, we engaged Transcend to coach our management team across the company.”

– Jan Hess, Segment President, Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc.

How You Get There

Since 2002, we have worked with visionary leaders from around the world to consistently grow revenue, profits, and impact ahead of their competition—and their own expectations.

As the world grows increasingly complex and competitive, we will partner with you to help you develop better strategic skills, access your team’s best ideas, increase organizational capacity, and address stakeholder impact.

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“The work we have done with Transcend has propelled more than 20% year-over-year growth for the past 4 years in a row.”

– Sameer Singhal, CFD Research, President and CEO

What Do You Want To Accomplish as a Leader in Your Organization?

leadership development

Increase Employee Potential

Strengthen your leadership pipeline, build high performing teams, and grow influence through collaboration.

change resilience

Navigate Change in the Workplace

Evaluate organizational change resilience, build agility, and develop tools and strategies for managing change.

strategic planning

Gain the Advantage

Leverage the talents of your team for growth, develop or reinforce a strategic plan, and build innovation and agility into strategy.

culture transformation

Transform Culture to Thrive

Assess your current workplace culture, integrate culture into human systems, and leverage culture for a competitive advantage.

a man and a woman sitting on a table

Grow Your Talent

Create a more diverse talent pool, promote vertical development, and build a coaching performance management approach.

organizational design

Strategic Alignment

Effectively analyze team dynamics, workflow, and results, improve team composition and roles, and improve agility and accountability.

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