Leadership and transformation

We are not in the business of wasting our clients’ time or their money.

You wouldn’t read a book about weight training and expect that to build muscle mass, right?


Of course not, because you know that to see results you have to actually do the work.


We’ve got TONS (get it?) of experience helping others, but we’ve also done it for ourselves, so you can be confident that we can put together the right-sized plan for your organization. Our process for organizational change that sticks is proven.


So, consider us your personal trainer for leadership and transformation.


We’ll learn about your goals, evaluate your current situation, then create a plan that will get your people where you need them to be. The best part is that we’ll be right next to you every step of the way, leadership-and-culture spotters, to make sure your people are getting exactly the kind of support they need. We’ll cheer for them when they make progress, and we’ll push and encourage them when it gets tough.


Over time, we help your organization get stronger and start building toward the permanent changes that really impact your bottom line.

Our clients get the results they need because they are in it to win it.

They see the need for culture change in their organization. They know without it, things will continue to disappoint and degrade.

They see the need for leadership and transformation development among their people, because being great at doing the work is not the same as being able to encourage, challenge, and engage others.

They worry about who will replace them and what the future holds for the organization they’ve given so much of their lives to.

They see a workforce with changing expectations and they know that the market demands they adapt to generate growth and opportunity.

These are not small problems. There’s not a silver bullet that can fix them and we’re not going to pretend there is, just to get your business.


That’s why our happiest clients have chosen to become true partners.


You are an expert on your organization. You know the good, the bad, and the nowhere-but-here of what your business is today and what it could grow to become.


We are experts on creating lasting change. No matter where you’re at, we know how to help your team and your business get better. 


We’re not going to tell you what you already know, unless that’s what you need us to do.

Our process for organizational leadership and transformation that sticks gives you the best of both worlds. Your knowledge about your organization joins with our experience and expertise to create meaningful change and real, measurable ROI.


Our Process for Organizational Change that Sticks

Do you see the flexibility in our process for lasting leadership and transformation, and why we refer to it as organizational change that sticks? How it allows us to be responsive and present, while also leveraging our experience and expertise? That’s not an accident. 


Remember, we said our happiest clients become true partners.


Here’s what that looks like in practice:

Consistent reporting on project progress: We send out monthly reports on project progress which includes participant attendance, key takeaways, and resources.

Shared project tracking tool: We invite all our clients to participate in our shared project tracking tool (Monday.com) to follow along with the project status and progress.

Regular communication with one point of contact: We provide each client just one designated point of contact they can get in touch with via email/phone in case of questions, changes, or other exceptions.

Custom stakeholder communications: If you need us to provide documents or even presentations to your board or other stakeholders, we’ve got your back.

Now you can see it, right? 


You don’t just see the problems facing your organization and the negative impact they have on you, your team, and your bottom line.


You can start to see the other side now, where change has started and is picking up steam. You can imagine a time not too far away where the impact and growth are measurable, and the ROI of our collaboration is real dollars, real hours, and real growth.

Let’s see if we can do it together.

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