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You have the vision. Let’s bring it to life.

You know there’s a better way to run your company—and stand out in an increasingly competitive, complex, and changing world.


We partner with visionary leaders like you, to transform your organizational culture and create a workplace that centers around effective leadership, employee engagement, and increased performance in business management.


Our work includes a broad range of industry sectors including non-profits, government agencies, universities and for-profit companies around the world.. Our global expertise in leadership roles allows us to bring cross-cultural understanding to your organization.

You Are Already Making an Impact—Let’s Leave a Legacy

You believe you can use your business as a force for good. We will guide you in creating a workplace that practices values-based growth, and recognizes culture as more than a PR exercise aimed only at customers and prospective employees.


When you provide an environment in which workers thrive, this translates to increased productivity, increased revenue, and committed and trusting customers.

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Higher Education

We understand that universities, colleges and other institutions of postsecondary education are struggling with greater competition for fewer students, reduced state funding and increasing pressure on tuition and fees.


We will help you build a deliberate organizational model that responds more effectively to market and social changes. You will engage with your leadership team to develop creative ideas and business management strategies for adapting to this new and rapidly evolving environment.

“Transcend brings a unique philosophy that helps teams exceed expectations and create new ways to execute and deliver. So true to their name!”

– Dr. Harlan Sands, President, Cleveland State University

These universities are transcending the challenges of higher education.
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As a government agency, our communities depend on you and your leadership to thrive. This requires implementing innovative solutions, which can only happen when employees and stakeholders are engaged and performing at their best.


We will help you harness our Fearless Mindset™ model to develop new mindsets and approaches to teamwork, which are at the heart of any thriving workplace. You and your team will have powerful conversations around business management, leadership pipeline, governance philosophy, and employee engagement that will ignite ideas for change. These conversations, and the strategies you choose to implement in your agency will give you the “win” you’ve been looking for, and the confidence that it will be long lasting.

“Transcend is the only group I trust my senior team with.”

– Federal Government leader, Senior SES over 10,000 employees.

These agencies are transcending how governments are run.
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Electricity, Water, and Gas

You recognize that the future of utility companies is changing as distributed energy solutions, fiber optic networks and green tech gain traction. In order to ensure long term growth and meet the needs of customers and stakeholders, innovation and collaboration are essential.


We will introduce you to our Fearless Mindset™ model to help you transform the ways in which your electric, water, or gas company collaborates—and provide opportunities for impactful conversations that lead to growth.


As a visionary leader, you see that the future of utility companies is threatened as new demands for cleaner utilities emerge, and climate change shifts the conversation around power and water. We will partner with you to evolve your vision for your company, and align your leadership teams and employees to reinforce a strong and diverse workplace culture where new ideas are born and raised, and challenges drive innovation in business management.

“I view Transcend as part of the nervous system of our organization…identifying and course-correcting challenges before they derail our progress.”

– Wes Kelley, President and CEO, Huntsville Utilities

These utility companies are transcending the way utilities are delivered…
Manufacturing business management


Especially in manufacturing, workplace culture can shape the level of productivity, turnover, and the safety of the environment in ways that mean the difference between profit and loss.


Our Fearless Leaders Masterclass® and Fearless Teams™ approaches help your workforce have the hard conversations about engagement, accountability and mindset that get lingering problems resolved and new norms established using peer pressure as a positive source of reinforcement.


Your environment is fast-paced and requires that decisions are effectively communicated from leaders to employees, to ensure continuity of business management and operations.


Developing the leadership skills of every team member increases your organization’s agility and reduces unnecessary downtime that comes with unclear expectations, or a misunderstanding of the company’s vision and goals.

“[Transcend’s] ability to focus the team on our strengths has facilitated a different kind of strategic conversation that has made us better.”

– CEO, Risk Assessment and Engineering Services Company

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You are aware that in your company, technology is rarely the core challenge—the people are. Human beings are not as rational as we believe ourselves to be (yes, even engineers!), and humans in organizations are complex systems that can create friction and chaos that holds back even the most powerful technology.


We work with the brilliant leaders of your organization, to implement strategies for product development and innovation that focus on the diverse talent in your company to bring those perspectives together.


We will engage your employees and leadership teams in business management and encourage them to share their diverse knowledge and experiences that will organically open the door to new ideas and growth opportunities. We believe that participation and collaboration from every team member drives market success

“Their flexible approach to facilitation helped us have the conversations we needed but never found the right time or place to have.”

– CEO, Military and Commercial Engineering Solutions Company

These technology companies are transcending the way tech is developed.
Build Change Resilience in Your Team
Learn how a focus on engagement and better management skills can improve retention and the bottom line.
Build Change Resilience in Your Team
Learn how a focus on engagement and better management skills can improve retention and the bottom line.

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