Annual performance review
In our many years coaching and developing leaders, we have learned that giving feedback is a major obstacle for most managers. Many leaders are uncomfortable with having frank conversations with their direct reports and especially delivering critical, or negative feedback. They are often afraid of the response they may get, and unsure about what to do if strong emotions show up during the conversation.  In many of our conversations with them, the only solution these
Organizational leader speaking with team.

The Importance of Flexible Leadership

Posted on December 17, 2021
Each of us comes with some learned or comfortable modes of operating, which shapes our leadership style.   Some of us prefer to think out loud, while others prefer not to speak until they have developed a fully-formed idea. We may even want to confirm it with some research before uttering it aloud.    Some of us get right down to “brass tacks” and don’t like a long-winded conversation without a clear point, while others don’t feel
Team members overcoming resistance to change.

How to Overcome Resistance to Change

Posted on November 19, 2021
Flex your change muscles to be more resilient and creative There are at least two things you can count on within your organization. The first is change, and the second is that some people within your organization will resist change. However, because long term growth is often contingent on your organization evolving over time, it is important that people in your organization learn to embrace change and bring others along. Overcoming resistance is made easier
Corporate leaders evaluating trends in strategic planning
How can you ensure your strategic planning process is successful in a post-pandemic world that is still very much evolving?  You evolve your process, too. Here’s how.  With the unexpected arrival of a global pandemic, a dramatic increase in remote working, a louder call for equity and inclusion in the workplace, and the continued turbulence of our global economy, the majority of strategic plans had to be tossed out and rewritten. In the same way
a group of people standing next to a person

Accountability Done Right

Posted on May 17, 2021
Why does accountability seem so difficult for most people? Your coworkers don’t deliver on time, your employees are not meeting standards, and even your boss doesn’t follow through on things she has promised. These are signs of a lack of accountability in the culture of an organization or team. Some of the most common reasons people fail to create an accountable culture include: Failing to create psychological safety Failing to set clear expectations Failing to

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