Transformational leadership

It’s too easy to throw money away on management consulting.

They’ll nickel and dime you to death with project extensions, new software tools, and lots of one-size-fits-all activity that doesn’t move the needle.


Don’t waste your money, don’t waste your employees’ time, and don’t waste your stakeholders’ goodwill on solutions that will not stick.


The problem is that they are focused on delivering services. At Transcend, we focus on delivering transformational leadership change.


Our clients come to us with their own unique situations:

They are missing new business opportunities because they don’t have the right team in place

They are losing ground with their existing business because their most reliable employees are moving on

They are struggling to hire and retain new employees because their leaders are underperforming

They are trying to adapt to new workplace expectations like remote work, flexible work days, and inclusive cultures

Their success is hindered by turmoil, chaos, conflict, and turnover

As a result of our custom solutions, deep collaboration, and contagious fearlessness, our clients get just what they need:

Underperforming managers change into self-aware, courageous leaders.

Disengaged employees change into productive, positive, team contributors.

Workplace conflict changes into healthy collaboration, creativity, and commitment.

Focus on solving problems changes into focus on pursuing opportunity.

Frustration changes to freedom.

Stagnation changes to growth.

You know results like that don’t come from feel-good, airy fairy, kumbaya therapy sessions.

Results like that come from real-world experience, courage to question the status quo, and the ability to adapt.

Organizational culture: technology-office-businesswoman-laptop-together-meeting-team-whiteboard-start-up-board-room_t20_Ae6721

“Soft skills,” are hard, so don’t call us if you’re just trying to check a box or say that you tried.

Our clients choose us because of our unique blend of experiences and approaches:

We create customized programs and deliver personalized attention

We are bold, direct, and sometimes downright irritating in our commitment to our work

We have real-world experience, having worked globally, locally on three continents, and across consumer, tech, and consulting sectors

We are adaptable, flexible, clever and committed

We bring a neutral perspective to complicated situations

We are well-informed and up to date with the most effective and respected methods in transformational leadership, management, and communication

More than any of these reasons, our clients choose us because of our real-world experience.


We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve had to make those tough hiring and firing decisions. We’ve had to decide which customers to keep and which to throw overboard. We’ve had to shift our strategies to keep pace with changing markets. Whatever you’re wrestling with, we’ve been there and we get it.


For those willing to come as they are, we can help them become fearless.

“Transcend brings a unique philosophy that helps teams exceed expectations and create new ways to execute and deliver. So true to their name!”

– Dr. Harlan Sands, President, Cleveland State University

Here’s what our clients say…
“You help us build trust quickly.”


“You structure your approach to the needs of our organization.”


“I can see the ROI in the changes to the business.”


“Building trust improves execution and communication.”


“You balance challenge with discipline.”


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If you’d like to learn more about how our approach might be able to solve your specific problems, use the contact form to request a free consultation with our co-founders.

Transformational leadership: Here’s what our clients say…
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