It’s hard to even get a foothold when your people aren’t performing up to their capabilities. New products and markets, surpassing sales goals . . . you have a vision for your organization, but it can seem like a pipe dream when your teams are not getting things done. Perhaps you even tried a “leadership development program” in the past and experienced limited, short-lived results.


You wouldn’t wear a t-shirt and tennis shoes to scale Mt. Everest. And you wouldn’t go to base camp without years of developing the skills and capacity needed.


What if you could provide a toolkit and update skills in your organization with the kind of leadership development that allowed you to transcend your current situation and reach peak performance?

You may have the right people in place to grow your organization, but you need skill enhancement and preparation.

Of course, you already know that organizations are made of people, and for an organization to be strong and healthy, the people inside of it need to be the same. You need healthy communication and strong teams, but that’s not what you’ve got now. Right now, you’ve got underperforming leaders and teams. Employees and leaders are struggling with changes to their work environment, expectations, and engagement.


That probably means you’re seeing…

Productivity delays and wasted time

Disengaged employees and high turnover

Miscommunication and unresolved conflict

Slow business expansion (or worse, actual decline)

Those things can be hard on an organization and its leader, but they’re even worse when coupled with a resistance to change–How are you supposed to make anything better when adoption of new approaches is slow or stymied?


Enhanced team: leadership development program

Our Fearless Leaders MasterClass® can deliver leadership and skill development to increase employee retention and reduce manager overwhelm



If you want to learn more about whether the MasterClass® is right for you, schedule a call to talk with a member of the Transcend Leadership Team.

Fearless Leaders MasterClass® Curriculum

The Fearless Leaders MasterClass® leadership development program is effective partly because the curriculum is intentionally reflective and provides constant opportunities to test and improve. Each leadership development series spans many months and during that time participants receive support in a variety of ways. All are designed to help them apply their new skills to their current struggles to immediately improve their results.

Connections: leadership development program

Series 1: Developing as a Leader

Leaders at every level, from newly promoted to 30 years in the role, will see improved communication and delegation skills, self-awareness, and coaching skills to develop their teams. This new ability to lead, develop others, and collaborate creates leaders who are more effective and teams that are more engaged.

effective teams: leadership development program

Series 2: Building Effective Teams

Leaders at any level leading a team of at least 5 people will build more inclusive, productive, and creative teams. Based on the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®, leaders adopt a framework for assessing teamwork and building greater levels of trust and accountability.

Building influence: leadership development program

Series 3: Building Influence

For leaders who are ready to increase their influence across the organization and beyond, and learn the keys to influence through greater resilience, emotional management, and powerful communication skills. Leaders learn to engage colleagues and partners across stakeholder groups and increase impact.

Leadership development program

Series 4: Leading Change and Strategy

Leaders looking to drive a shift in culture, business model, operational process or methods will learn strategic change leadership skills, including complexity theory and organizational change leadership, as well as how to successfully address the human side of change.

Providing the leadership bedrock to drive success.

Transcend successfully revitalized a 25-year-old company experiencing stagnation and lack of growth, focusing on maintaining its family-oriented culture. Their efforts resulted in significant revenue growth for four consecutive years, brought the team closer and more engaged with the company’s direction, and transformed it into a market leader.

25% growth in revenue for four years

Meet your Leaders

“Our growth can be directly attributed to the work that Transcend did with us. They have brought our team closer and more engaged in the direction the company needs to go to continue its legacy of success.”

— Our thrilled client
(CEO, Military and Commercial Engineering Solutions Company)