MindLab 2017: What We Learned

By Andrew Jennings, CCO – Each year we attend Wiley’s MindLab conference, which is always a useful and enlightening few days with 650 like-minded individuals. This year we had the pleasure of being in Atlanta for the 2017 partner conference.

Wiley is the organization that not only publishes some of the most well known and influential business books, it also develops what we feel are some of the best assessments and tools around―including the Everything DiSC® suite and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™.

This year was particularly exciting for us, because we attended MindLab as a team. It felt like a big change, as it wasn’t so long ago that it was just Laura and me.

MindLab Product Announcements


The Partner Panel at Wiley’s MindLab 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.

What did we learn? First, Wiley continues to develop the range of products they offer based on extensive customer feedback. There will be a new assessment in the Everything DiSC family, the myEverythingDiSC.com personal portal has been enhanced with lots of new content, and there will be a new One Day Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program. The Wiley team has been busy! Watch this space for launch announcements as these new exciting products become available.

Leading by Example

Aside from the new product offerings, we took away another very important message: transparency is what makes for successful business relationships. In front of 650 partners at MindLab, the Wiley team shared the changes they are making, how their team is effected, and how they work to maintain their own High Performing Team. They shared their own personality styles (along with the good and bad associated with them), and they shared financial information and how their partner network fits into their success. It’s that kind of openness and transparency that makes us, as partners, feel closely involved in their success. It motivates us to go the extra mile and to look for ways to use the tools―even to the point of taking on new ones.

When working with organizations and teams, we spend a significant amount of time identifying how to be more transparent with one another. This illustration from Wiley was a reminder that transparency goes way beyond your immediate team. To get the best out of any organization, transparency needs to extend to all departments, customers, suppliers, partners, etc.

Coming Soon

Over the coming months, you will see us launch the new Everything DiSC tool, reach out to you to show you the power of the myEverythingDiSC.com portal, and launch the new One Day Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program. We will also be adding a new line of pre-hire assessment tools; more on that to come!
In the spirit of transparency, our team at Transcend would like to thank our current customers for trusting in us to continue delivering high quality experiences for their people and teams. We want to grow and we want to “bring joy in the workplace” to as many people as possible. When that happens, people are more productive both at work and in their communities. Teams perform better and organizations thrive―which in turn, positively effects our quality of life. If you know someone who might benefit from a little magic (as one of our customers described us!) and an improved quality of life, please send them our way.

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