Stepping into Your Greatness

Within each of us we carry the seed of our own greatness.  We nurture this as children, but soon learn to hide it from the light of day and fit into what we think society expects of us.  We build our internal beliefs and habitual thoughts about what we “should” do and “must” be, and in doing so, we protect ourselves from the thoughts and words of others, but also lock away our most precious gift to the world – ourselves.

As we mature, we even forget who we really are and begin to believe that the shell of beliefs and habits we have built is really “us”.   We make excuses for ourselves and others, thinking “well, that’s just the way I am”, instead of committing to live in our own true image.

An analogy I found that rings true to me relates to the weather (posted on Michael Neill’s Genius Catalyst blog):

  • If you are a victim of the weather, then sunshine is far preferable to rain.
  • If you are the weather, which weather you are most comfortable with will be a function of the weather you are most familiar with being.
  • If you are the sky, it really doesn’t matter what the weather is.  It will change according to the day and the season, and you will carry on, regardless.

When we are acting like someone we “should” be, we are pretending to be the victim of the weather, when we are actually the sky.  The first step is to understand that you are playing the victim, or at best the weather in your own life, with your mood and reactions driven by what is happening.  Step outside of that “should” perspective and know that you are the sky, and that the passing weather is an interesting experience to be observed and learned from, but no more defines you than a raincloud defines the sky.

From this bigger, more powerful perspective, what greatness inside yourself are you willing to reach out and commit to being?  When you make a commitment, great things begin to happen.  Step up and start creating your own success.

For one man, his commitment is to be TBOLITNFL (his story here).  Post your own commitment and step into your greatness.